My own privilege is significantly more abundant than that of so many others, and I felt a barrier between me and engaging in online Web 2.0 communities. 

One of my bigger conundrums swirls around the following thought: as nonprofits, we are looking to engage people across the privilege spectrum. 

  • How can we use the Web to do this? 
  • How can we change the Web to do this better? 
  • How can we make sure that people poor in internet privilege (not just skills) don’t get poorer? 
  • How can people lacking technology resources partake?  
  • Are the “oh, just go to the library” strategies feasible?  Can they fully partake? 
  • What specifically does fully partaking entail, and how does it impact people if they cannot? 

I guess my hope is that with this blog, I can at very least work up some strategies and solutions from my own experiences, and at most work up some conversation, collaboration, and change.

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