Preparing for the Future

I joined LinkedIn yesterday, and to me it seems very old-school.  I can see what the Free Range Librarian meant about when she called it “spectral.”  I think the only thing I’d add to her amazingly apt description would be “limiting.”  Even though there’s a lot more room to talk about what you do at work than there is on Facebook, something about LinkedIn makes me feel boxed-in.  I don’t know, maybe it was just the ghostly interface, or that it was new to me.  

Ok, you caught me, I was just saying that to appear more open-minded than I’m really feeling.

Still, I did let it search my gmail address book for contacts and sent requests to 13 people who already have profiles, so I feel that I did my duty for my future-self who may someday wish for a solid career network.

Organizing all of my groundwork for the future is becoming a challenge.  I dabble in maintaining my contacts, keeping up my résumé and work portfolio, and exploring different grad programs to find My Path.  It’s hard to know what I’ve already done and to stay focused enough to build upon it instead of starting over again every few months.  One online solution I’m trying out is, but it’s not quite what I was envisioning.  What else is out there?

One thought on “Preparing for the Future

  1. I adore delicious. It’s not the *only* tool people use for bibliographic work, but I find it now essential. Uh… Zotero? Have you tried it? I really haven’t given it more than five minutes.

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