Analyze Smart

I looked back at last week’s posts on investing time.  I still think the points that I made are valid, which is a good sign I guess.  

Something that framework overlooks is analyzing why the present feels the way it does.  Why do I feel overwhelmed today?  What is weighing on me?  What can I do about it?

For me it came down to a large, long-term database project I had taken on.  I was having a lot of trouble finding time to work on it; even though it was a huge investment in the program’s future, it kept getting trumped by the mini-crisis of the day.  

Time was very seriously running out.  Whenever I flee the office to work off-site I feel like it’s a bit of a cop-out, but I put any of those reservations aside.  The database was too important to worry about that.  I badgered around the office until I found a PC laptop to borrow.  I looked at my calendar, saw some blocks of time with nothing scheduled, and then I scheduled them as busy.  I told my supervisor I would be working on the database off-site at those times.  

Then I did it.  And we now have a database.

Why did it take me so long to do what I knew would work?  Is working at the local Bean Factory actually a cop-out?  What could I have done if I’d had no choice but to work on-site?

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