Top Three Supervisor Practices

I’ve been thinking a lot about program sustainability lately.  A big part of that is program management.  I thought it might be helpful to someone out there if I shared the Top Three things I really appreciate about my supervisor.  

1) She listens.  And she doesn’t just smile and nod – she asks questions and takes notes.

2) She doesn’t blame.  I don’t have to waste energy figuring out how to defend myself if I don’t do something perfectly.  I can spend that energy figuring out how to fix whatever went awry.  It’s one less thing to be stressed about and allows me to do my best work.

3) She asks for help when she needs it, and she helps us when we need it.  This sets a collaborative tone in our office culture.  We don’t just say we’re a team; we are a team.

To my supervisor, on the off chance she reads this: thank you.  

To everyone else:  Can you say the same about your supervisors in your life?  Can the people you supervise say the same about you?  Would you want them to?  What are the top three things you most appreciate in a supervisor?

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