Nonprofit Competition

I just happened upon this Compensation Force blog post about benefits trends in the nonprofit sector in general.  I appreciate the blogger’s call to nonprofits to recruit talent!  Just because we’re willing to work for less money in order to not sell our souls doesn’t mean we’re not quality employees.  

She alluded to competition for this talent between nonprofits and for-profits, and more interestingly (and less directly) to competition among nonprofits themselves.  In my experience in nonprofits (granted, pretty limited to just a couple of years in Minnesota), it’s been intentionally non-competitive.  This is interesting because great employees definitely jump from organization to organization.  I’ve seen it a lot already.  We even sometimes joke about which organizations act as feeders for others.  

This leads me to re-think my perceptions of nonprofit competition.  It is there even if we’re unwilling to call it “competition.”  Yes, it has to do with salary, and yes, benefits too.  But I know there are other factors.  What are they?  What do nonprofits do to win the competition they stubbornly maintain is not there?

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