Facebook is Not a Mini-Skirt

I was talking to my mom about Facebook the other day.  She said she’s not on it because it would be creepy and tacky if she were.  It’s not for middle-aged women, it’s for young people.

She said that when she was younger, she would see middle-aged women wearing mini-skirts as though by wearing the clothes of young people they could be young again.  They thought it was working.  She said it was kind of horrifying to see, and that she swore that when she hit middle-age she wouldn’t do ridiculous, age-inappropriate things as some sort of weird effort to hang on to her youth.

I very much respect that my mother doesn’t wear mini-skirts, and I really appreciate being around someone who was stoked to turn 50 and who fully embraces and celebrates her age.

But mom, Facebook is not like a mini-skirt.  It is not just for kids.  Yes, it’s possible to use it distastefully, i.e. friending 13-year-olds you don’t know, or posting pictures of you and dad totally wasted.  But you can use it to connect with old friends from previous jobs and schools, to support causes you believe in, and to keep with your daughters’ profiles!  It can really be useful for anybody.

I think that’s one of the beauties of social media in general – you can use it to act your age.

If it’s not like a mini-skirt, what would you liken it to?  How does the message of welcome get to people who think this is not for them?

3 thoughts on “Facebook is Not a Mini-Skirt

  1. Hmm. It’s like a cell phone, maybe? Weird and uncomfortable at first and then indispenable? And kids use it for all their lol roflmao txt and older folks just talk to each other?

    Or, maybe – paint? You can paint your bedroom black as a moody teenage and cover it with Slipknot decals or you can paint it pale green to complement the woodwork.

    Neither of these are quite right…

  2. I felt like your mom did for the longest time: that it was for the younger set, etc.

    Well my BFF (see I say that at my age) dragged me over there kicking and screaming and I finally set up a place for me this weekend. (sigh)

    Great post … ty!

  3. Alanna – I still just love the paint/bedroom analogy; it’s about creating and defining your space. Everybody does it, just the “how” changes among generations and individuals.

    Jo – way to take the plunge! Hope it’s going well 🙂

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