Social Media as Fruit Bowl

A common response to all the social media options out there is feeling overwhelmed.  I think people start feeling like they “should” be using all of these new tools, and the rate at which the perceived to-do list lengthens is a little alarming.

So far I haven’t been overwhelmed at the huge variety of options out there.  Don’t get me wrong – I do indeed get stressed when I see the tasks before me growing exponentially.  It’s just that I don’t see social media options as a to-do list at all.

I see the options more as a bowl of fruit:

  • There are lots of different, enticing choices that I can mix, match, taste, or avoid as I see fit.
  • It’s right there, just hanging out and waiting for me to partake.
  • It’s yummy and healthy.  Why not try some?

Do you see social media as a bowl of fruit?  Do the options stress you out?  How can we reduce social media’s overwhelming-factor?

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