Need… tabbed… browsing…

First day on the new job!  It was awesome.  I’m getting all situated, getting to know my new on- and off-site coworkers, and figuring out what all is in my office.

The only thing I have to say that’s not glowing is about the security on my office computer.  I do not have the authority to change my toolbars or to download a new web browser.  Not having a quick-launch toolbar and being without tabbed browsing are already driving me nuts!

Secure, photo on Flickr by Wysz
Secure, photo on Flickr by Wysz

I guess my rhetorical question is why we bother imposing this type of limitation on people’s computers.  How does it benefit anyone to have me on an outdated browser and unable to customize my desktop?  I feel like I’m back at airport security, taking off my shoes and separating my baggie of liquids and gels for closer inspection; I’m going through a security charade that makes no impact on anyone’s actual safety.

I’m hoping I can request a couple of work-arounds – everyone over at the library I’ve met so far has been amazing.

Also, I think the fact that my only complaints are so minor and specific is a great sign for how awesome it’s going to be to work there!

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