Yay Co-Teaching!

Despite three teachers calling in sick or out of town this week for today’s evening classes, I had full class coverage!  One coworker subbed, I subbed, and one class was covered by the co-teacher who wasn’t sick.  Perfect!

Army Air Corps Pilots by Smithsonian Institution on Flickr
Army Air Corps Pilots by Smithsonian Institution on Flickr

Setting up co-teachers is really, really nice for those sudden winter illnesses that happen.  Instead of having two hours to scramble for a sub, you just let the co-teacher know they’ll be flying solo that evening.  And in the event that they both come down with something, you can at least chalk it up to a decision made by fate and not your own poor planning.

Even though a solid handful of my teachers prefer teaching alone, I’m still working on them to either teach alternate weeks or have a “stunt double” who could come in for them, preferably even on short notice.

I’m just so pleased that we had enough teachers.  Even though it’s possible to combine levels if need be, it’s disruptive for the students.  Also, since it’s one answer to last-minute situations that arise, it’s rare to have enough time to write a fantastic multilevel lesson somehow relevant to both classes’ curricula.

So I think I should find a spare couple of hours to write a multi-level lesson or two to have on hand just in case.  And I think that I should keep at building up this co-teacher thing – I feel great about the quality it enabled us to give our students this evening.

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