Back from Vacation!

I’m back to work today!

This vacation gave me a lot of time to think.  Some of the ideas I’ve been chewing on:

– new beginnings are inspiring, and they don’t only happen in January!  If I have something important to initiate or re-think, there’s always a new season, month, moon cycle, week, day, storm system, etc. coming up that would make a great (and equally arbitrary) starting point.

– I can shape my free time to help me grow.  I especially liked Trent’s post at the Simple Dollar in which his friend asks, “What will you learn this year?”  An hour or two a day can be powerful indeed!

– I was able to spend copious amounts of time with people I love.  It was awesome.  I need to always make time, whether it’s in large blocks or just 5 minutes for an email.

– going to the gym gives me energy – I want to make it a priority to go at least twice a week every week!

– I’m excited to get back into a regular work week!  I’m proud of what I do and I get to work with great people every single day.

So here’s to a nice long vacation, and here’s to starting up again!

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