Last Chance to Reach Some New Citizens

Teacher Ron Mazurowski
"Teacher Ron"

At every Naturalization Ceremony for new US Citizens, they play a recorded video welcome message from the President.

The first Naturalization Ceremony of Obama’s presidency will be Wednesday, January 21st.

According to Teacher Ron, a roving citizenship teacher in the Twin Cities, the video is about a minute twenty seconds – not a big deal to create, especially for a skilled speech-writer and orator.

They can’t use the old welcome video, and unless Obama and some helpers can find five minutes to record a greeting for the country’s newest citizens, they just won’t be welcomed by the President at all.

Crowds of prospective citizens taking an oath - LIFE - L Larson
Crowds of prospective citizens taking an oath - LIFE - L Larson

I guess you could argue it’s a small beans issue.  I, however, would argue that it’s not.  It’s a symbol. This one small nod to the community of the very newest Americans, this stopping everything for just a few minutes to welcome them to the country he just took leadership of, would send a powerful message to them, the larger immigrant community, Americans, and the world.  It would say, “I, the President of the United States of America, value new citizens.” It would be some of the change we’ve been promised.

Teacher Ron pointed out that Obama would need to get the request no later than Friday, 1/16 for there to be any hope of a video for this ceremony.  He looked at, and tried contacting MN Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office to ask them to contact Obama but was “politely blown off.”  He’s not sure how else to tackle it.  Frankly, I’m not either.

I know I don’t have many readers, and I know it’s short notice and a seemingly small matter, but I thought I’d put it out there on the off chance that the message would get through.

Even if it’s too late for the 1/21 ceremony, we can still ask for it to be a priority.

If you’re listening, could you help get the word out?

Any suggestions for what else I (or we) can do?


3 thoughts on “Last Chance to Reach Some New Citizens

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, crosn81!

    The account is @obamainaugural on Twitter. They don’t seem to take DMs, but I did plain-old tweet them.

    Maybe others will too! (ahem) Sample tweet:
    @obamainaugural 1st new citizen natlztn ceremony = 1/21. Will they have a new welcome message from the new Pres?

  2. Hey Emily,

    I tweeted using your example. I’ve got a bunch of followers on Twitter-hopefully they’ll take up the banner too!

    Thanks for blogging about this!

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