Unofficial Office Clean-Up

I popped into the office this weekend for some uninterrupted office maintenance time.

A Messy Office by Beth77 on Flickr
A Messy Office by Beth77 on Flickr

Basically, it’s a medium-small office that lots of people use throughout the week, and I’m in charge of it.  I do a pretty good job of keeping the day-to-day stuff under control, but it was feeling cluttered.  And why organize what I could just toss?

I decided to attack the stuff that had no discernible use but still took up space.  It was a single-minded stuff-reduction rampage.  And it was beautiful.

The rampaging actually only took an hour and half.  I spent another uninterrupted hour and a half dealing with statistics (learner hours, etc.) and am proud to report that they’re soundly under control.

The Desk!  Its...neat! by Rae Whitlock on Flickr
The Desk! It's...neat! by Rae Whitlock on Flickr

How I made the most of clean-up time:

  • I made sure there were no distractions.
  • I went for a huge, noticeable impact, inspired by the 80/20 rule and my mother.
  • I only set two goals.
  • My follow-up plan is written down: a list and a few neatly labeled piles.

Successful and satisfying.

It would be great to hear about other successes in office wrangling!

One thought on “Unofficial Office Clean-Up

  1. My organizational system includes a desktop filing rack, supersticky Post-its, Netvibes, and Post-it filing tabs. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I’d be happy to give you the tour! :o) (Also, free Uniball Jetstream pens will be given to the first 500 customers …)

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