Notes From an Off Day

I have to say, being productive was extraordinarily difficult today.  It was just kind of an “off” day.

It was sort of disappointing.  Last week I was on and outrageously happy and nothing could stop me.  Today… I guess I felt like everything was stopping me.  A couple of emails I just didn’t know how to respond to felt like a huge derailment.  I also had a borderline bizarre phone conversation with someone who didn’t want to register his wife for our classes but did want to tell me all about his own parochial education and the Franciscan nuns who administered it.  And then a library patron decided it might be cute, welcome, or in some way complimentary to hit on me while I was walking by.  Not exactly exchanges that helped me get back on my A-game.

The day was still a success in the end.  My students were served, my teachers were supported, and my other projects were addressed.

The only reason anything got done today was because I’d made a plan and a rough schedule last week when I was feeling like a superstar.  Today I just blindly, doggedly followed it as best I could.  And it was all ok.

May I always remember to use my “on” days in part to prepare for the “off” days.

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