General Observations

View from the Observation Tower by ehpien on Flickr
View from the Observation Tower by ehpien on Flickr

About the project:

  • I noticed that when I read something I disagree with, I want to look at it more closely.  It’s a knee-jerk reaction, and I don’t think it’s a bad one.
  • Having my syllabus and using it as a living resource document (not a display piece) helps keep me on track.
  • David Chioni Moore’s “How to Read” piece is the voice in my head that asks questions (and meta-questions) when I read.  I wish I had used it when I was his student.  You can find it on his faculty page.

About the blog:

  • I have doubts that these posts are interesting to readers.
    • People who are into the topic are better off reading the books directly.
    • People who are not into the topic will not be into my posts or the books.
  • I keep on posting.
    • Posting my notes holds me accountable.
    • People I talk to seem interested in pursuing their own 5-week courses, and seeing mine in this much detail might help them with theirs.
  • I need to go back and re-think some of my post tagging.  I’m ok with my categorizations for now.

So, if you’re still out there and reading, I’m curious – what are you interested in seeing here regarding the 5WCs?

2 thoughts on “General Observations

  1. Um… ah… I dunno, I just enjoy reading the posts, seeing what you’re doing, and they make me think.

  2. Actually, I was very interested in the Renner stuff. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. The title drew me in, but your descriptions of it make me think that it is more educational miopia (I’m going to have to learn how to spell that). A lot of this stuff (especially adult) is more focused on creating some kind of pseudo science than actually embarking on the magical and communicative journey that is teaching. You can be a good teacher and not always be dissecting your students. Likewise for being a student. I am often struck by how tightly educational “science” is tied to the paradigms of the times from which they emerge. OK, stepping off my soap box.

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