Done with Renner – Now What?

I have to say, I’m happy have finished Renner.  Knowing that I’ve kept up with my project and that I have solid notes to use just makes me feel good.  A minor accomplishment, but I’ll take it.

I’m also liking that the blog holds me accountable to my 5WC.  Most of my readers seem to be people I know (my grandma is one of them!), and they comment on the blog and in person.  I also can’t just passively skim and call it done – I’m posting my notes for all to read, and they’re staying posted and public for a good long while.  Who knows what other readers will happen along?  I have to follow through, and I have to follow through well.   This is good for me.

Next up is to figure out where I am and what’s up next.

First let’s figure out where I am.  I’ve been vague about the dates up till now to give myself wiggle-room, but it’s now time to nail it down.  I’ll call my official start date the date of my first 5WC post: Tuesday, February 24th, 2009.  I’d been thinking on it before then, but I think the general start-up time can be considered outside the course itself.  That puts me at slightly over week and a half in right now.  I have about three and a half weeks left.

Something to consider: Spring Break.  I’m going on a ten-day trip to the East Coast starting this Friday, and I’m not sure how it and this project are going to function together.  I could mimic school and just be on break, with maybe one reading assignment?  Or just totally take a break.  Or take no break whatsoever and hold myself to the same standard of a post a day by hook or by crook.  If I choose a break or partial break, how will this affect my five-week timeframe?  Opinions are welcome, and I’ll let you know what I decide.

Something else to consider: I’ve set up one interview with an experienced teacher for the middle of this coming week, and another teacher has agreed to talk to me at some point but we haven’t hammered out the details yet.  Preparing for them, talking with them, and writing up what we talk about is going to take time, so I need to not go crazy with the reading list.

Now, to the syllabus.  Time to organize and set priorities for the end of this week and at least part of the next..

3 thoughts on “Done with Renner – Now What?

  1. Don’t forget to plan for how you will *use* what you learn. Reading and taking good notes doesn’t mean you own the material; you own it when you put it into practice. Take a few things from Renner that you want to try and plot out when you’ll be trying them in real-life class delivery, visual preparation, etc. 😉

  2. Huh, I guess I didn’t actually state any intention to use stuff. I have a long response but I got up too late to write it, which is frustrating. Blargh.

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