Spring Break!

Airplane Wing by Zoagli on Flickr
Airplane Wing by Zoagli on Flickr

Spring Break snuck up on me.  As a result, it’s looking like radio silence from me and my blog till Monday, March 23rd. I’d been hoping to not to disappear for over a week, but some things came up and I’m not prepared to keep talking.

The fact is that the 5WC and blogging about it are medium-priorities for me.  I’m enjoying it and learning from it, but family, work, and my need to sleep are higher priorities.  It’s refreshing to not have to pretend otherwise.

I’ll be packing my physically smallest 5WC book to (theoretically) read en route, and I’m still hoping to watch some Cleese/Child demonstrative videos during the trip… and I’ll let you know how it went a week from Monday!

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