The 5WC Starts Paying Off

Hello! I’m back!

I was thrilled this evening when one of my teachers asked me for advice because I was actually able to give her some!

She had two points of frustration, one being that side-conversations would break out at the far end of the table from her, the other being one particularly overly-participatory student.

And Renner came through for us.

I suggested changing the seating arrangement now that the class has about a dozen people in it, moving it from a long banquet-style table to more of a square so that everyone was closer together.

To address the combination of the extremely talkative student and several shy students, I suggested “Spend-a-Penny” to help equalize things. She really liked the idea, and is thinking about starting with four tokens and seeing how that goes.

I’m very excited that some of the ideas I had felt would be relevant have turned out to be so.

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