Which 5 Weeks?

A major downfall of my 5WC has been that it ignored the rhythm of my life.  I started it without regard to the monthly visits I have with my long-distance boyfriend.  This was silly of me.  I basically set myself up to fail.

The great news for me is that he’ll be visiting in just a couple of days.  The good news for my self-directed professional development is that I’m looking to change the 5WC structure starting when he goes back home.

So, I’ll be back late next week with some proposed changes.

One thought on “Which 5 Weeks?

  1. This type of progress will be, by nature, in fits and starts. Some 5-week chunks will be more productive and lead to greater outcomes than others and you will not always have time to do 5-week chunks back-to-back. Don’t get frustrated with yourself, it is part of the process. Instead accept that you will need to have some flexibility in timing and that your gains will not fall into a straight diagonal lower-left to upper-right trajectory. 🙂

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