My Return, and What Makes Me Happy

Hello!  I’m back.  I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing, but that’s no longer stopping me.

I’m up to a few things that are exciting to me.

First up, I’m addressing the fact that my computer is over 5 years old and I don’t want a new one.  As I type I’m testing out‘s free 2GB file back-up.  I currently don’t back up my home-use computer, which is stupid, particularly when it’s already so old.  It’s nice to finally move from “I should do something about that” to “I’m on it.”  Inspired by a Lifehacker link to ChrisWrites about slow Macs, I also downloaded Onyx, a utility that does Mac system cleanups.  And I’m considering investing $60 in additional memory (Chris links to, which awesomely helps you figure out what kind of memory your computer takes, even if it’s a Mac).

Also in the realm of being a wannabe tech geek, my organization started up a “Tech Vision” committee a couple months ago and asked me to be on it.  It’s fascinating to me.  One of our goals is to get technology vision into the strategic plan – an exciting move in the right direction!  Another is to map out our current tech uses, from fax machines to Web 2.0 sites to databases and beyond.  I’m gently pushing for this map to be electronic (with live links, etc.) and not just on paper.  It’s a huge task, but I think it’s good for us because we’re having an all-agency conversation (through delegates, but it’s a start), and because I think it’s great foundational work for a website overhaul in the future.

I’m also excited about the Spring (it hit 80 in the Twin Cities yesterday!), and making summer plans, and closing out my first program year at the learning center, and the Sharing the Power conference tomorrow.  I’d love to write more about them and add photos to this post, but I just burned my hand cooking and typing isn’t going so well for me at the moment.

Signing off to run my hand under more cool water!

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