Transparency Modified

Gremlins and the Mogwai Terror by 179 by JeanineAnderson on Flickr
'Gremlins and the Mogwai Terror by 179' by JeanineAnderson on Flickr

Don’t get me wrong, yesterday was a good day. I just felt like I was being trailed by gremlins. Technical glitches, miscommunications, and random interruptions ate up large swaths of my productive time and left more work undone this week than I was intending.

Unsurprisingly, I was a little frustrated. Still happy, just frustrated. I think it’ll be funny in retrospect – technical issues got in the way of watching The Wizard of Oz yet again, and we start a new unit next week. Oh well.

I wanted to note the way I was transparent as the gremlins attacked. Basically, I only told a partial truth. I didn’t get into a laundry list of what had gone wrong that day; I just thought out loud briefly about what we should do next, deciding upon a quiz game so that the rest of class would be lively. Then I had everyone get up and take a five-minute break while I modified KABOOM to be a pretty intense review of spelling and verb tenses.

So, for all my talk of transparency, I didn’t announce to my students that I’d about &#%@ing had it with the bad luck.  I shifted my focus and kept on going.

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