Older or Wiser or Just Different

I’m really not trying to pose as a seasoned veteran of the nonprofit sector when I say this, but I’ve noticed that I’m less inclined to try to change systems now than I was when I started.

It’s on all levels, from seeing if we can get a more efficient volunteer timesheet system to sinking a couple of hours into managing my contacts more effectively to seeking additional programming for my students to sending emails to my representatives regarding Adult Basic Education.  I would have been all over all of those things three years ago, but right now they’re on the back burner.

Now I’m finding myself throwing more energy into trainings, gaining deeper knowledge of what resources I have, and focusing more on volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition.

Vintage wine by Guttorm Flatabø on Flickr
Vintage wine by Guttorm Flatabø on Flickr

In what may be a parallel situation, for the first time in the year plus that I’ve had an RSS feed, I’m seriously considering drastically reducing the number of blogs I read so I have more time to actively comment, write my own content, and read outside of my computer box.

Am I growing up or getting old?

One thought on “Older or Wiser or Just Different

  1. You can’t be getting old because if you are, that means I’m ancient 😉

    Perhaps you don’t need to change the little systems because you’ve found a system that works. Perhaps you aren’t working on changing the big systems because you realize how complex and interconnected all these things are, the barriers to change, and why changing these systems might not be the best thing right now – or perhaps you’re not in the best place to do them.

    I wanted to change all of child welfare when I started working in foster care – after all, so many of the things I had to deal with were just plain STUPID! But as a line worker, that wasn’t something I could accomplish. Now I’m in a place to advocate for different kinds of change, but your post makes me realize that I spend a lot of time in reactive/responsive mode, not in innovating. Something to think about.

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