Summer Institute!

Summer Institute 2009 Program Cover
Summer Institute 2009 Program Cover

This is a place-holder just to let you know that I’m planning on blogging about Summer Institute, a major Minnesota conference in Adult Basic Education, that runs this afternoon through Friday afternoon.

It’s my first time ever at this annual conference, and I’m very excited about the people I’ll meet and the ideas I’ll come back with.

My plan is to type my notes, blog, and be on Twitter during the conference.  I’ve never done this before either, but at other conferences I either sit there thinking about paying attention and therefore not really paying attention, or I take great notes and promptly lose them.

I’m planning to put links to related blog posts and other materials in this post for readers’ bookmarking convenience, and because I like information hubs.

Here’s to trying new things, and let’s get started!


Please Close Your Laptop
Summer Institute: Plenaries
Summer Institute: Teaching Personal Finance

Summer Institute: Quick Reflection

2 thoughts on “Summer Institute!

  1. I always took great notes at conferences and lost them, or didn’t do anything with them when I got back. This last conference I religiously typed my notes into a word document on a laptop, then compiled them all into one cleaned-up master document on the train ride back home. The master included the notes and then I added ideas/follow up tasks for every session. Then I emailed the master to my boss so a) he gets the idea that he should send me to more conferences because his money is well-spent and b) he gets on my case about following up on the ideas and tasks 🙂 Worked great!

    1. MJ – I love the idea of giving your awesome notes to your boss. Great way to be sure you’re held accountable!

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