Preaching to the Tech Choir

The blog Dangerously Irrelevant compares the phrases “I’m not good at math” with “I’m not good at computers” and wonders why the second one is so much more acceptable.  I concur.

I’m completely boggled when I meet fiercely intelligent, energetic, involved, interested, and interesting people and then hear them say something like “I don’t do computers.”  Boggled.

boys choir by saikofish on Flickr
boys choir by saikofish on Flickr

When I hear something to the effect of, “I’m over 30, I’m not a computer person,” it translates into two messages:

The first says, “I make excuses,” and it’s disappointing.

The second says “I don’t value anything you say via computer or about computers,” and it’s insulting.

I’m smiling at the irony of posting this on my blog.

3 thoughts on “Preaching to the Tech Choir

  1. Welcome to my world, where Social Workers tell me all the time that they don’t “do” math AND they don’t “do” computers. Which is why this MSW spends her days explaining research study results and how to save a document as a .pdf.

  2. Well, I haven’t yet found it, but I wish I could send you an article–probably in the Chronicle of Higher Ed or its supplement?–that talked about the author really not seeing any age-different technological literacy, if you looked at what people DO with the technology they’re using and if you really count ALL the numbers (not just people in a certain class). It was interesting!

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