Thoughts and a Question

A few things I’ve been thinking about lately:

  • how to not overwhelm others with my ideas and/or suggestions, but welcome them into a discussion
  • Susan WB’s blog post about studies on intrinsic/extrinsic motivation
  • why is getting started on projects so difficult even though it feels so great to finally be started?
  • it’s getting to be time for another 5-week Course
  • I don’t do very much to foster conversation on this blog.

I wrote the list thinking the points would be random and different, but they’ve turned out to be interestingly related.  Hm.

Anyway, I’d like to take a moment to ask the readers:

Time and commitment barriers aside, what would you do a 5-Week Course in?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts and a Question

  1. There are several things I feel I need to learn in the next year or so, including conference planning, large-scale fundraising, and website development. I would probably start with #3, since I have the means to go ahead and do it without having to wait for anyone else.

  2. re: fostering conversation – a couple thoughts
    – tweet your new blog posts with an invitation for others to chime in
    – make it clear here in the Leave a Comment section that a person’s email will not be visible when the comment is posted
    – tell more people about your blog! I spoke with someone I’m pretty sure you know very well who said he doesn’t know where your blog is. 😀

    1. MJ –

      Re: your 5WC, Web development would be awesome! Let me know if you need resources – the bf and another couple of friends could recommend starting points and important subtopics if you’d like.

      Re: twitter, I used to tweet my posts, but I felt like That Person who only used twitter that way. Now that I’ve been using it differently for a bit, I’m more comfortable about following your advice, especially inviting
      conversation(instead of inviting static reading).

      Re: my dad not knowing where my blog is, a) I’m not sure how that happened and b) I emailed him the link a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

      Re: way to be an awesome commenter, thank you for your ongoing comments! You are the best blog follower ever. 😀

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