I Need More Hours

I’m feeling overwhelmed by everything I want to do in the near future:

  • write an amazing two-week curriculum unit on Personal Finance
  • mentor my volunteers more closely
  • clean my office till it’s sparkly
  • devise a better system for collecting and submitting volunteer stats
  • have a balanced and from-scratch meal plan that I follow
  • completely deep-clean my apartment
  • get my TEFL from Hamline
  • start another 5 Week Course
  • have friends over for dinner
  • run/walk everyday
  • actually follow a laundry schedule
  • read and write more
  • continue to spend quality time with my long-distance family and boyfriend
  • start a pre-literate class at my learning center
  • reach out to the other people in my life more
  • start a peer-mentoring project with another coordinator
  • learn Somali
  • conduct numerous site visits to sites like mine and other sites that work with my students
  • roll my newsletter into a new, more professional format

I didn’t think about that list for very long.  That’s what it looks like off the top of my head.

Conventional wisdom says “just pick something and start.”  I have.  And it’s something.  I’m trying a new chili recipe as we speak, and I’ve been working on several other of the above personal and professional goals, as well as others that aren’t really blog material.

The problem isn’t starting (for once); it’s wanting it to all be in line Now.

So I’m going to go see how the chili turned out, and put on my running shoes, throw my laundry in this evening, and ponder curriculum as the machines are going, and remember that I’ll get there inch by inch.

4 thoughts on “I Need More Hours

  1. Prioritize, plan, plot…
    1) what’s most important, or will give you leverage to do the other things better?
    2) what are the small steps you’ll have to take to accomplish the task?
    3) what days/weeks/months ahead would be a good time to do these small steps?

  2. I wish I could find time to learn Somali, too.

    (Though I got a bit of a shortcut the other night, when it turns out the old man I was talking to speaks Italian well–giving me something I could at already understand a little. But the younger person didn’t, so no understanding conversations. Oh well.)

  3. I can help you out with #5 & #9 on your non-numbered list:

    #5: Partner with Katie J in a weekly mealshare program. By this I mean that I will cook a gigantic pot of something, you will cook a gigantic pot of something, and on Sunday night I give you three Pyrex bowls of my stuff in exchange for three Pyrex bowls of your stuff. Sound good? Good.

    #9: You don’t have to invite me over for dinner, I’ll just come over. Bearing figs. (Mmm.)

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