Has this been a difficult Fall?

I’ve been getting the sense that a lot of people are running ragged these days.

Based on my extremely informal interviews (i.e. normal conversations), it’s not just me, and it’s definitely not just people in my organization. Maybe it’s a St. Paul, Minnesota thing. Or maybe it has to do with the job market, changes in unemployment benefits, or the health care debate.

same balloons, different day by massdistraction on Flickr
same balloons, different day by massdistraction on Flickr

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve about had it.  I want to fill my office with balloons this week, or have a joke share, or collect favorite moments of the day and post them in the office.  Why has it been so hard to see the million alternatives to just trudging along?

How are you doing this autumn?

What do you do to battle the doldrums when they settle over your little section of the world?

One thought on “Has this been a difficult Fall?

  1. It could be the job market and the economy in general that’s got people down. I know from direct experience; I just graduated from college this May, and it’s been an enormous challenge to finally grab a job. I have to say, I was getting pretty depressed as more and more potential employers kept not getting back to me. Since I got a job, Autumn’s become a lot more pleasant.
    What I did to try to take the edge off feeling depressed was take walks with my parents, spend time with family and friends, and (please don’t laugh too hard) pet my cat. Looking at pictures I’ve taken of my friends and beautiful places I’ve been helped, too.

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