The Last Month of the Decade

Listening to The Current on my way home from work, I heard the DJ remark that we have just begun the last month of the decade.

I started reflecting a bit on just how much my life has changed in the past ten years. It’s amazing to think of where I was in late 1999 and then look at where I am now. It’s a difference of 1,260 miles, a diploma, a degree, several jobs, and surprising number of relationships I can’t imagine living without.

And I realized that I’m proud of where I’m at and who I am.  I’m not perfect, and there are a few aspects of my current situation that aren’t quite optimal, but the fundamentals are right where I have always wanted them to be.  Many of the details would have probably surprised the Emily of 1999, but everything makes sense in retrospect.

It all makes me very curious about December 2019.

2 thoughts on “The Last Month of the Decade

  1. The DJ was wrong, you have 13 more months until the end of the decade. Just like the new millenium didn’t start until 1/1/2001 despite the hoopla on 12/31/1999. 😉 So that means you have another year to get things closer to optimal!

    1. LOL ok it’s not technically the end of the decade. But he’s not wrong that it’s been ten years since 12/1999, which was also the last time we were looking forward to a shift in the tens digit of the year. 🙂

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