Journal: Ice Breakers Impress

The students were really impressed with my vocabulary review activity this morning and kept telling me how smart I was.  🙂

Students: 8

Countries of Origin: El Salvador, South Korea, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic

What surprised me:

  • The A/C is not only on, but also cooling the building!
  • Introducing the fact that Present Continuous can also be talking about right now did not seem to throw them for a loop.  Phew!

Today’s Objectives:

  1. SWBAT describe what some common home/office gadgets do.
  2. SWBAT ID if a Present Continuous (PrCo) sentence is future or present.
  3. SWBAT hear /th/ and demo /th/ so that other Ss understand it.

What went well:

My magical warm-up activity was to tape a gadget vocab word to all of the students’ backs.  They had to get other students to tell them what their gadget does and use those hints to figure out what was on their backs.  It really made them have to use and understand the language, and I literally backed right out of the room so they could work it out themselves.

PrCo review went smoothly.  I liked my authentic lead-in, “What are you doing after class today?”  I was pleased with the little PowerPoint I made that had one-sentence slides of PrCo mixed in with non-ProCo (they had to determine which ones were PrCo).  We changed the non-PrCo into PrCo.  I kept asking, “Why,” and “How do you know?” … and they kept having to answer me.

The transition from PrCo talking about future into PrCo talking about the present was smooth.  The charades game was fun and really showed me they understood that it meant right now.  Plus one of my students had the verb “flying” and the flapping was funny for all.

Pronunciation was a change from yesterday with students working in pairs, helping each other.  Not The Emily Show!

The listening tied in neatly with the PrCo because the textbook is good that way, and we really stretched it out, locating PrCo sentences in the listening worksheet after the listening activity was over.

What I’d like to improve upon:

Again, my a/v time was longer than I’d anticipated.  This is not hard to prevent, I just didn’t do everything I should have in order to prevent it.

I wish I’d checked for understanding better at the end of pronunciation.  I know they practiced, but except for the little bits I observed while floating, I don’t know how well they did.

Thoughts for Tomorrow:

I really want to tie the vocabulary into the grammar since they’ve seemed oddly separate all week.  I’ll save the second piece of listening for next week.  It’s already Wednesday and we haven’t really done reading.  Pronunciation should continue, especially with small group work.  Maybe we’re ready to succeed at the first exercise the textbook suggests as a lead-in for this unit!

Also, I’d very much like to end the week with a decidedly interactive lesson.

One thought on “Journal: Ice Breakers Impress

  1. See, people don’t even need to be fluent in English to recognize your intellectual greatness 😀

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