Journal: Yesterday’s Bribery and This Weekend’s Planning

Yesterday I didn’t post because a student ended up staying over 45 minutes late chatting about jobs and grammar. It was awesome!

I started yesterday’s class with discussion again, and it was lively and 90% in English (there are a lot of Spanish-speakers, who sometimes prefer to communicate in Spanish). They asked for more conversations, and on the spot I had a plan: conversation starts at 8AM. Conversation ends at 8:30AM. If you want an entire 30 minutes of conversation… you have to come on time.

Given how much they’re into it, I think it’s reasonable to hope that it will be a nice bribe to get there right at 8AM. I realize it could also be taken as saying we’re not really starting till 8:30… but I think it’s a gamble worth taking.

After working with Present Continuous for two full weeks, this coming week we’re going to move to the next unit: exercise/health/wellness with a focus on how and when to use Present Continuous vs. Simple Present.

Can’t wait!

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