Journal: Last Day!

The last day of class was on Thursday.  It went well!  We did some review (including the Flyswatter Game), we though about everything we studied this summer, and I handed them back their old writing.  After all of that, it was party time!

The students were in charge of the party, and I’m relieved to report that their jokes about throwing a “whiskey party” did not come to fruition.  They threw a genuinely great party.  Best of all, the de-facto party planner was a student who doesn’t share a common first language with any of the other students, so all of the planning had to happen in English.  A truly “authentic” project!

We had a ridiculous amount of food, including homemade tostadas with cheese and avocado, horchata, rotisserie chicken, pizza, pies, fresh peaches, a fruit tray, watermelon, soda, and potato chips.  The party planner even thought to pick up a tablecloth, so our little shindig looked more like a grand gala.  The students brought in some salsa music, and I’m not gonna lie – there was some dancing!  It was quite fun, especially when they got the nonprofit staff in on the festivities as well!

All of the students signed a Thank You card for me, and a few students even brought me small gifts of flowers and tea.  It was very sweet!

It’s a little flummoxing to find yourself in the middle of a sea of “thank you”s and tokens of appreciation just because you’ve done something you really enjoyed for a mere six weeks AND got paid for it.  I hope I did it well, and I hope what they learned is helpful to them.

I can’t wait for Fall semester to start!  Tuesday, September 7th, here I come!

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