Journal: First Day

I have to admit that this Day 1 has not been my favorite so far.

First I couldn’t find my housekeys.  I’m hoping they’re in Someone’s pocket.  Thus my home is locked but not dead-bolted, meaning that a barely equipped thief can get in but I can’t.  Love it.

I got to my new teaching site, but I didn’t know where to park.  After circling more than three times I ended up figuring it out correctly.

I lugged all of my stuff (a friendly passerby said that I looked like Office Depot) a block and a half from the parking garage  up to the third floor of the building to discover that my room was locked.  Back down the elevator to ask security to open my door.

Also, I didn’t actually lug all of my stuff.  I left my backpack in the car thinking that it just had a pair of jeans in it, except that it also has my laptop in it.  So I hope nobody breaks into my car, and I’m dependent on college computers (I’m not sure which is more alarming).  Naturally, my off-site login wouldn’t work for the on-site computer, so I had to call the help desk and get them to give me my login info.  Why is it different?

Also, you might be wondering why am I blogging during class time.

Because they’re all in another room testing.  Only I didn’t know they’d be starting in another room, so for an awkward 10 minutes I was wondering why I had no students.

I’m going back downstairs in just a moment to help grade the tests, and then  we’ll do some paperwork and perhaps another test, and then maybe we can get to the good part.  You know, the teaching.

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