Journal: A Larger Class than I’d Expected

Yesterday continued to be “meh.” I had 7 students, and I felt kind of lost in this big computer lab with them.  We had to do paperwork and yet another test, so I hardly got to interact with them at all.  What interaction there was was all about boring and/or abstract concepts, so I felt that they had no reason to actually come back today.

Well, they all came back.  Plus a few more.  And class was good.

Students: 17
(but some of the new folks will likely move to Level 2 next week)

Countries of Origin: El Salvador, South Korea, Puerto Rico, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Iraq

What surprised me:

  • New students kept on coming in to register.  I was hoping we’d hit 20, but 17 was still fun.  🙂
  • The dictation relay went off without a hitch.
  • Just how much fun I had juggling a class of 7, 10 new registrants, and then a class of 17.

Today’s Objectives:

  1. SWBAT name, hear, and ID the vowels + y correctly and quickly
  2. SWBAT ask and answer “What’s your name?” and “How do you spell that?”
  3. SWBAT use and understand specific language relating to dates: today, tomorrow, yesterday, days of the week, date, and two ways to say 2010.

What went well:

I watched my teacher talk pretty carefully, especially at first, and I really cut back on unnecessary and confusing narration.  I backed up my words with physical demonstrations.

The flyswatter game went well even though I forgot my flyswatters in the car.  I liked that I backed out of the activity so quickly, making being the Teacher a student job after just one round.

I had them do a mingle just as the number of new registrants in the room was getting ridiculous.  The timing was good, the questions were a good level, and it was a great activity for the new registrants to join in the middle of.

What I’d like to improve upon:


  • I wrote the dialog we studied for the last hour of class in the last few minutes of the second break.  I’m happy with its relevance and quality, just not with when I wrote it.
  • I still don’t know where the photocopier is.

Thoughts for tomorrow:

I’m looking forward to having them work on an introduction project (basically, to write profiles of themselves including first and last name, country, and job).  We also need some real fly-swatters to practice letter names.

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