Journal: A Long Day

Class this morning was fine. 12 students. Participation and some laughs, but I wish I’d gotten everyone out of their seat just a little more.

Then I wolfed down lunch and went and volunteered at the hospital. It was busy, and also quite fun.

Then I had to skip dinner to get to a meeting regarding the evening ESL class I’ll being teaching soon. Said meeting was 3 hours long, ending at 9pm a 45 minute drive away from my home.

One highlight of the meeting was that this is a VERY detail-oriented organization. I respect this and I know my students and I will benefit from it. I’ll do my best to meet expectations.

Another highlight was space-sharing. I’ve been accustomed to teaching in classrooms that aren’t anyone’s classrooms in particular. The teachers all shared the space alike. However, in my evening gig I’ll be teaching adults at night in a middle school. I’ll be teaching in Daytime Teacher X’s classroom, and that means I’m a guest.

I don’t mind being a guest in principle. But just one of the many ramifications of being a guest is that if Daytime Teacher X writes an assignment across the entire whiteboard and leaves a note to not erase it, I don’t have a whiteboard that night. I don’t know how likely that is to happen, but the fact that it’s a possibility is kind of disheartening. Or maybe I’m just tired out from a long day.

[insert transition to clever ending paragraph here]

The End

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