Journal: Easy is Relative

Teaching is not easy.

That being said, last night’s class felt easy.  All my students were very close to the same level (there’s always variation though) and I did not do any intakes while teaching.  Between that and how easy it is to communicate with Intermediate 2 students, it almost felt like a vacation I was being paid for.  Almost.  🙂

Today in the morning Beginning class, it was also easier than yesterday.  My highest students were out for testing and appear to have moved up to other classes.  And only one of my low-beginning ladies came to class, which made my time with her “team” (of one) really productive.

I still taught a multilevel class, but due to technological restrictions and being just plain tired, I kept everyone in the same modality (i.e. reading, listening, etc.) the whole time.  We all used the same listening material, but I made a simplified assignment for my low-beginning student.  We all had reading time, but I gave the low-beginning student a simpler reading with many more pictorial explanations in it.  While the higher students were checking their predictions, completing the comprehension questions, and re-writing false statements into true ones, the low-beginning student and I practiced reading her story over and over and over.  It worked.

That being said, I only had two super-distinct levels to work with today, as well as a class of only about 10 at its largest.

I wish it had been more interactive, and I wish I’d had more for the low-beginning student to work on while the rest of us worked on grammar, but everyone was attended to and everyone got meaningful practice in reading and listening.

Plans for tomorrow: eat supper first, then think.  🙂

One thought on “Journal: Easy is Relative

  1. “Easy is Relative”

    In my case, my relatives are easy, but that’s another story and totally not ESL-related.

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