Journal: Wordsearches are Universal

Today I discovered that my students love word searches.  Elderly and young, high level and lower level, they love them.  🙂

I had 15 students, ranging from low-beginning to Level 2.

I did a few things really right today.  I checked for understanding at key moments and I was surprised more than once that they weren’t as solid with the concept as I’d thought.  I’m really handing over the morning’s review of dates to the students.  I actually sat through the daily date lesson today; I provided narration only when needed as opposed to constantly “conducting.”  I’m pleased with the pace and sequence of the grammar.  I was able to give at least a few students big but specific encouragement today (i.e. I know speaking is hard for you, but your reading is great!  It will help your speaking.)  Oh, and conversation time wasn’t all that awkward today!

To keep on improving:

  • keep activities laser-focused on the objectives; if a tangent is so important, it should be an outright objective, not an aside.
  • phase myself out of more activities.
  • better support for my low-beginning student(s).  Specifically, more time with me, and more varied work on the same points.
  • I must get English for All, computer-based learning, up and running for my outliers and my new walk-ins.  I have everything I need – it’s just a matter of taking the time to hatch my plan.
  • I do ask for student input/feedback, but I think there’s room for more.

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