Journal: Students’ Cars

A surprisingly engaging little bit of class today:

Red Ferrari Sports Car by freefotouk on Flickr
Red Ferrari Sports Car by freefotouk on Flickr

I wanted to practice the meaning of possessives, meaning ‘s and my/his/her etc.  I felt that the actual purpose of using them was getting lost in our nit-picky practicing.

So I quick collected pictures of cars on Google Images and stuck them in a Word document. I ended up using very, very cool-looking cars (as well as a pink double-decker bus). I labeled each of them as a certain students’. For example, I labeled the orange car Student A’s Car, and the white car Student B’s Car.

That was pretty much it. The students seemed to really enjoy the big reveal about whose car would be next, what color their car would be, and how awesome their car would be.

The language flowed naturally from it. “This is Abdikhadir’s car. Abdikhadir, what color is your car? (My car is blue.) How many people fit in your car? (Two.) Do you think his car is fast or slow? Is this car good for Abdikhadir’s kids?

And come to think of it, the conversation really flowed from it as well.  I should use pictures more often as conversation starters.

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