Journal: Multilevel Listening

I would just like to report that I was pleased with my impromptu multi-leveling of our listening lesson today.

One of my low-beginning students returned to class today after being in a car accident last week.  She has some magnificent bruises and quite a bump on her head, but thank goodness, she’s OK.  I wasn’t sure when she’d be coming back and I wanted to be sure she felt welcomed back to the classroom when she did.

There was no way she could do the listening worksheet that comes with the video without extensive one-to-one pre-teaching that I can’t really provide.  The worksheet had exercises A, B, and C.  So I made her a handwritten worksheet also with exercises A, B, and C.  Exercise A was “Yes.”  B was “No” and C was “Nearby.”  She was to listen for these words and count how many she heard. 

I was pleased that all of the students were engaged with the same listening (we have headphone issues), and that we could even all check in about exercise A together.  I just asked her how many times she heard  her word and then checked in with the rest of the class.

It comes much more easily to me to modify a worksheet down a level or two than up a level or two.  My goal for our next video activity is to have a listening modification plan up my sleeve for any higher-level students who might attend that day.

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