Journal: Computer Helper Update

Just wanted to quick follow up on how computer time went today. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I found that one student needed not just lots of help, but constant help.  I was not able to provide that alone as the sole instructure in the room.  I asked one of the other students if he could help her for one session, and he said yes.

I was conflicted about whether or not I should do this.

I decided to try it because the status quo was a waste of her time  and asking another student to help was the only workable solution I could think of.

Today I gave Teacher Student the struggling student’s online learning login.  I also told him and wrote down for him an end goal for the student, “She can use USA Learns with little help.”  I said today this is maybe not possible, but we can start. 

I also gave some related targets:  

  • she should stop mousing sideways (it looks very uncomfortable!)
  • she should understand
    1. the meaning of key buttons on the USA Learns interface (“next,” “listen,” “check,” etc.), and
    2. that she should click on them to cause the appropriate action to take place (i.e. if she wants to go to the next page, she should click “next.”).

Teacher Student said that she made progress with mousing and with understanding what the buttons did.  He also said that he liked working with her, and that he would feel good working with her again if need be (I checked twice, and I think he both understood me and was being honest). 

Interestingly, the student still absolutely hates computers.  Hates.  So even now that we have some of the mechanics more under control, we have a new problem that’s even more important to address: convincing a 70+ year old that it is worth her time to learn how to use this new-fangled contraption.

I have a few thoughts on making them seem relevant to her, but do you have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

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