Journal: Bingo!

And Bingo... by klynslis on Flickr
And Bingo... by klynslis on Flickr

We played Bingo today.  I was skeptical about putting it into the lesson because I think it’s kind of a dumb game and the set-up required seemed daunting.

I should note that we modified it a bit.  We’re working on numbers 20-99, so we simply drew slips of paper with these numbers and called them out.  No “I34” or anything like that, just “34.”  We also didn’t use one caller, but passed the envelope of numbers around the classroom so that everyone had a chance to pronounce a few numbers.

The daunting bit to me was that the students created their own cards.  I handed them each a BINGO grid printed on a piece of paper and they had to fill in random numbers between 20 and 99.  That’s a super abstract, open-ended direction to give beginning learners.  I phrased it as simply as I could, provided examples on the board, and walked around checking on their work, and we got it done with much less confusion than I’d feared.

I was floored by how thrilled the class was to be playing Bingo.  They really wanted to play multiple rounds, but we only had time for one.  I promised more Bingo on Monday.  Yay Bingo!

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