Deep Question of the Day

In lieu of journaling this week, I will be posting a Deep Question of the Day.

The best teacher I’ve ever had taught me biology and taught me about my learning. I know why I’m not teaching students the former, but why am I not teaching them the latter?

One thought on “Deep Question of the Day

  1. – harder to do
    – intangible
    – no lesson plans for teaching learning
    – not enough time b/c of other required deliverables
    – difficult to measure
    – takes you into meta-land (which might be particularly hard to do when people don’t fully understand the language in which you are teaching)
    – this list item is just to see if you’re reading this far down
    – hey, how come Janet never comments on your blog? I know she reads it, she’s always telling me so. Janet, post a comment already!
    – you weren’t taught how to teach learning

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