Journal: Conversation Update

Three Ladies in Conversation by akuppa on Flickr
Three Ladies in Conversation by akuppa on Flickr

Now that there are only a two weeks (minus today!) left of class, I feel like Conversation Time is finally becoming what it should be: an actual conversation.

It used to be that I’d propose the conversation question and people would take turns answering it in English, and then side-conversations would break out in Spanish (sometimes related, sometimes clarifying what another student said, and sometimes unrelated) as the others answered the same conversation question.

More and more though, we begin with a question and the conversation changes gradually as the person gives a long answer and different people jump in with their own comments or questions.

For example, last week, “What time do you get up in the morning?” turned into a really thorough talk about our mornings right down to what’s for breakfast and what time our families leave the house.  (Interesting fact: two of my students get up at about 4AM to have breakfast with their early-working husbands. I told them, “That’s love.”)  A month or two ago, I really doubt our conversation would have moved much beyond “I eat, I get ready, I go.”

Today we were just talking about our weekends, but the conversation drifted naturally toward age and ended with riotous laughter as the two eldest ladies in the class contended that they could not remember their ages.

It’s a very nice place to be!

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