Journal: Last

Today, a student asked me a question during computer time.
He had 3 phrases written on his paper:
    last song
   last Thursday
   nothing lasts forever
He said, “Teacher… last?”

I’d never thought about it before.  I let him know that all of his sentences were correct; “last” just has many meanings.  I asked him why he asked – was it a question from the computer?  He said he was just thinking about it.  Pretty insightful!

While he went back to his normal computer time work, I looked up “last” on Merriam-Webster’s website.   I discovered 23 entries, though 17 are phrases involving the word “last,” i.e. “at last.”  Isn’t it funny what seems unremarkable until you start thinking about it?

2 thoughts on “Journal: Last

  1. I had to analyze contract language yesterday and wrote a paragraph about one of the words listed in the begining “terms and definitions as used in this contract” section. The word was “It.” I felt like Bill Clinton.

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