Journal: Last Day

The last class session of my morning class just finished!  Sad!

We had a fun time playing review games and Bingo.  The students brought in food for a nice, light party, and we listened to music on Pandora and watched videos on YouTube while we ate.

Highlights include our one Korean student dancing to the music videos the Latina students were showing on YouTube, the lightning-fast responses in our Catchphrase-esque review game, and the enthusiasm of our 70+-year-old Latina grandmother for Bingo.

I emphasized to everyone that they could access my website on any computer with an Internet connection; this turned out to be new information for a couple of the students.  At the request of one of the students I’ll be putting “homework” assignments on it once a week or so over the break.

Wishing everybody safe travels and happy holidays was bittersweet.  The class really formed a nice community for the past couple of months, and it’s sad to see it scatter.  Even though it’s temporary, who knows who will actually be able to come back to class in January, and who knows which level I’ll be teaching come January?  Still, the fact that all of the very different people in the room were connected enough to hug farewell today was something I’m honored to be a part of.

Till January, morning class!

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