Thoughts on High School Blog Scuttlebutt

I have exactly 15 minutes to write this post, so forgive the un-editedness of it.

I saw on’s junk news headlines that a high school teacher got in trouble for her anonymous blog (now taken down, but the cache is still available), in which she discussed aspects of her life including but not limited to her frustration with lazy, grade-grubbing students.

I have many related thoughts:

  1. One reason I really enjoy working with adults is the maturity they bring to their education.
  2. One reason I really enjoy teaching English to adults in the USA is because nobody tells me that I have to create motivation in others.  It’s a necessity, and all “shoulds” aside, we all know it well help them and their families succeed.
  3. I don’t feel you can actually create motivation in a motivational vacuum.  It can be magnified, but something has to be there first.
  4. High school is plagued with its bizarre social structures, out-dated curriculum, and the vestigial idea that completing it is some sort of accomplishment: thus the lack of motivation.
  5. High school is meaningless (see above) except inasmuch as it gets you into college: thus the grade-grubbing.
  6. What do we think we’re going to produce in that kind of an environment?  Students who appear lazy except when it’s time to argue about grades, and teachers who are ticked off a lot.
  7. Free speech.

That is all for now.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on High School Blog Scuttlebutt

  1. Well, having worked with group home kids who struggled to get GED’s, I can say for #4, yes, it is some sort of accomplishment, at least for those who are unfortunately stuck by circumstance at the lower end of the spectrum.

    1. I’d say that GED is more of an accomplishment bc it’s so common for a diploma to be a result of “butt in chair” time. You can’t fluff through the GED test.

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