Journal: Goodbye, Cave!

Goodbye, Cave!

As I mentioned yesterday, our classroom was inexplicably moved from our bright, sunny medium-sized room to a small interior room I think of as The Cave.  Last week, the students dictated a letter to me explaining why The Cave was an inferior classroom and asking to return to our previous (and unused!) classroom.

Today, the woman in charge of scheduling in the building popped in and whispered to me that we could go back.  Grinning uncontrollably, I asked her to come in and tell everyone.  The class cheered and thanked her!  One student zipped down the hall to make sure the room was open.  It was, so everybody grabbed their stuff, my stuff, and trooped down the hall to bask in the sunshine.

When we resumed, I emphasized to them that the letter we’d written together was very important.  I’m the teacher, but I’m only one person.  Together, we were 20 people, so we were stronger.  Together, we got our room back.

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