Journal: Not Feeling Well and Teaching Well

Yesterday I stumbled upon a good way for me to teach a good lesson:

  • plan when I’m feeling great
  • teach when I’m feeling low-energy and kind of sick*

Why?  Because I whole-heartedly followed through with all of my well-laid plans to let the students do things; I simply didn’t have the energy to turn the class into “The Emily Show.”  I think it was up there in the top ten best lessons I’ve taught this semester.

A surprising benefit of having no last-minute subs to call upon!

* I think I’d just eaten something funny the night before.  I had no reason to believe I was contagious and I wasn’t feeling horribe enough to be willing to cancel class.  I try to be responsible about both showing up and not spreading illness!  And just FYI, today I feel great.  🙂