Journal: General Things

Students: 17

One thing that went well:  I wouldn’t say it was a stellar class session.  It was fine, just not great.  In particular, I struggled to stay student-centered.  I am happy that even though it was hard, I continually asked myself, “What am I about to do that the students could do instead?”  Answers: giveexamples, read questions, hand out writing folders, and many more Teaching 101 no-brainers that I almost totally overlooked.  It just wasn’t coming naturally to me today, but I managed to be mindful.  This helped me stay focused on the students instead of hosting The Emily Show.

One thing to improve:   I guess I’d like to improve my class endings in general.  Looking back at the lesson, there was nothing wrong with it in particular – I just feel kind of “meh” about it.  Maybe taking a few minutes to recap and wrap up would help us end positively instead of neutrally?

One surprise:  I managed to not make a mess today.  I usually have my stuff strewn about the room, which is pretty impressive given that said stuff doesn’t live in this room.  Each epic mess is only ever a few hours old.  But anyway, today my piles and stacks were manageable !  I think it’s because I’ve been working hard to not save what I don’t need and to leave home what I don’t need to bring in.  I’ll be ready to suavely* roll on my way when the classroom’s next instructor arrives instead of ineffectually fussing around my materials hoard for 10 minutes, slinging it haphazardly together and staggering out of the room as usual.  Wish me luck!

*I will probably trip, but that’s not the point.

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