What I’m Up To, and What’s Next

Hello again! Just stopping by with another update.

Since we last spoke, I’ve had some great experiences in teaching ESL.

First, I did make it to one day of big TESOL in Baltimore early this Spring. Overall it was a good experience. The sessions I went to were good (if not game-changing), but the networking and re-connecting aspect of being there was completely fantastic.

Second, I taught a class that was new to me. I was more of a facilitator than a teacher, really. It was a Conversation Partners elective class in a full-time program for international students to improve their English. That deserves another post, which I hope to send your way soon!

Third, I’m currently in yet another ESL teaching position that’s new to me: assistant teacher. I waltz in for the last hour of class, help, and then leave. There is no prep. There is no stress. My only responsibility is to show up. This is not my long-term wish for my teaching career (is it weird that I miss the obsessive prepping?), but with the kids so young, it’s pretty much glorious for right now. I believe this gig warrants yet another post – I’ll get on that!

And fourth, a couple of the community colleges I’m affiliated with send out teaching articles as part of ongoing professional development. I think this is a great idea, though I wish there were a bit more dialog about them. I was thinking of posting some links and commentary here from time to time.

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