And We’re Back!


Hello! Summer’s not quite over yet, but I’m back!

I’ll be assistant teaching again this semester, and part of that deal is no prep! I don’t write a syllabus, set up the LMS, create a schedule of assignments, or do much of anything besides show up on the first day.

While I’m the first to say that this is glorious, it seems that out of habit or temperament or both, I’m in planning mode anyway. So I’ll be channeling all that energy here on the blog for the next couple of weeks.

I’ll close with my big lessons learned from the last two semesters of assisting:

  • smile
  • read the room: how do they want to be treated?

So glad to be back!


PS – coming up on Thursday, I have a lot of ideas about syllabus-related activities that may help those of you who get to do first-day prep.


Photo Credit: Joel Bez on Flickr

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