Goal For This Semester


On the first day of class, even while everyone was juggling silly First Day logistics, I was really struck by that First Day feeling, where it’s all excitement and hope and curiosity.

It’s hard to imagine the mid-semester slump even though it happens every single time.

Since I have no grading or planning responsibilities at this job, the rigors of the semester don’t impact me directly. Being around increasingly tired and stressed out people sometimes does, though.

But why not decide right here and now that instead of dragging down with everyone else, I can lift them up just a bit?

I’m setting a personal goal this semester of deliberately staying upbeat and optimistic right through that mid-semester slump and straight into frantic finals.

I’d like to make sure it’s genuine, and that it doesn’t turn into flaunting how I have a very low-stress job, unlike most other people in the building.

How to accomplish this…

Sleep well, whenever that’s within my control.

Feed my own joy, to make sure there’s plenty to share.


Notice progress and highlight it.


Remember when people were absent and check in with them when they return.

Refer people to tutoring early on, just to make sure.

Bring in a bunch of balloons if it comes to that!


Photo Credit: Marina del Castell on Flickr

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